You generate or trade energy!
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  • ProCom is the specialist in planning and optimising energy production and trading.
  • ProCom solutions create clarity.
  • ProCom customers make the right decisions quickly, confidently and reliably, today and in future.
  • ProCom consultants passionately commit to constantly improving their customers processes.
  • ProCom solutions are based on BoFiT, the IT platform for integrative processes in energy production and trade.


[Translate to en:] Digitalisierung – ProCom Energiemarkt-Tage 2016 (mit E&M und Montel als Medienpartner)

[Translate to en:] Die ProCom Energiemarkt-Tage 2016 standen unter dem Motto „Digitalisierung“. Wie... more »

Maintain an overview of the evolving energy market

Aachen (Germany), 14 September 2016 – With this year’s Energy Market Conference on 15 -16 November... more »

ProCom Energy Market Conference - 15th - 16th November in Berlin

Preserve the overview – The digital path leads to the top! more »

Price Forecast for EPEXSPOT Day-Ahead Auction (DE/AT Phelix)

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